Building Abatement demolition company, Inc. 

Mold Remedition

Building Abatement Demolition Co., Inc. is a Texas Licensed Mold Remediation Contracting Company and can help you with all type mold remediation projects.

​Mold can be a scary four letter word when describing the microbial (MOLD).  Mold is the contamination which occurs when cellulose materials, and items associated with the building become moist due to an uncontrolled moisture intrusion event. 

​Our staff maintains a vast knowledge base and superior working skills in mitigating indoor air quality issues that may result from mold contamination or damp indoor environments. 

​We can also assist you with your moisture prevention program, or structure dry out.  

​The key to controlling mold growth in any environment inside or outside of the building is to control the moisture. 

If you find yourself battling a moisture intrusion issue or think you may have a mold problem, please give us a call and let our experience go to work for you.